Offering Musical Theater Summer camp in Las Vegas

​​​​​TAKE THE STAGE Las Vegas

​​​What we offer....


         Musicial Theater offers an approach to the repertoire of Broadway performing from the standpoint of the actor, singer, and dancer. We coach how to ACT a song, not just sing it. It starts with the idea that if you can SPEAK you can SING, If you can WALK you can DANCE . 
        Students will all get lines and feature moments throughout our shows. This will allow all students to grow and progress to develop more advance performance skills, and self-confidence.  In class there will be vocal technique. We will address fundamental vocal fears, phobias and bad habits. Students will learn a series of warm-up methods and as a group will be exposed to various kinds of theatrical music. This will allow students the sheer pleasure of singing and dancing together, by tackling group numbers and theatrical scenes. Students from all levels of musical experience are welcome.


        Our voice lessons are a  fun, productive and an engaging experience. Through a multitude of techniques, a student will learn breath support, posture, vocal, dynamic range, pitch, and musicality.  The instructor will take the student on a musical journey. They will be introduced to all genre of musical styles that will enrich and broaden the student. This will allow growth and creativity as they discover the wonderful world of singing. Performance opportunities are available to full time students.


        Our Piano lessons include fun finger techniques, and an easy method on reading music.We have  tried and true methods on accomplishing our students goals. Piano instruction is a fun time to not only learn, but to connect to music we love. The accomplishment a student feels after the effort of working to play a song is priceless. It's a skill that lasts a life time.


Guitar lessons are a fun way to develop a new talent.It's fun learn, play, and sing our favorite songs, and bring smiles to people around us. With our simple learning methods a student will be playing and understanding music theory in no time.Grab your six-string, and let's make some music! 


Do you love the theme song from Jed Clampette? Do you enjoy Bluegrass and country music? Are you interested in old time folk music? Well try a banjo class with one of our wonderful instructors, and enjoy the fun with music!


"Lights, camera, action"! Acting instruction will give a student a head start if the are interested in performing in a play, or even auditioning for a movie in L.A. Learning Stage techniques like scripting, basic stage directions, and blocking will allow students more knowledge as they perfect their craft. Preparing for auditions for schools, and shows are another reason for taking acting lessons. All level students are welcome.


If you like the drums, Boom Town is where you want to be. Our instructor takes a student from beginner to professional.Percussion techniques, to snare, to full drum set instruction. Our instructor is well known in Las Vegas as the "Teacher"- the one who teaches the instructors. "If you want the best drum instruction around, come on over to BoomTown!"


Specialized choreography is available for many needs. You might want choreography for an audition, a wedding,  a dance competition, or a talent show. Whatever the need, our staff of professional dancers who are experts in all dance styles are here to help! Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Ballroom, and Musical Theater included.  If choreography is what you need, don't hesitate to contact us today, Take The Stage is on the way!!!