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Learn new skills, or improve on the ones you already know!  Get prepared for your next audition or performance!  Private lessons allow students to focus on excellence in their chosen field.  Recital opportunities available. 

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We’re proud of the reputation that we have gained throughout the years - for a wide variety of programs where students can thrive, build self esteem, confidence and make the most of their talents.   Our programs, ensure that  every child at any level of experience can benefit and grow in the performing arts. 

  We dedicate ourselves not only to performing arts training, but instilling self confidence and a wonderful sense of accomplishment- all while introducing young performers to the exciting world of live stage performing. 


Take The Stage Las Vegas is an ideal Performing Arts Academy where students can prepare for a career in the industry, or take the beginning steps toward a new experience.  Whether you’re currently enrolled or thinking of signing up for one of our programs, continue browsing to find out more about our history, student success stories, admissions and more.

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 Performing Arts

If you’re looking to expand your child's skill set, explore something new, or just build self confidence,  look no further. With our variety of programs, exceptional teachers and welcoming student environment, Take The Stage Las Vegas is the place for you.

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